Hiring me as your coach is bold, scary and life-changing.

My coaching isn't for everyone; it's only for those people who are ready to throw their knapsack over the wall. My clients invest much more than money: they invest their time, energy and courage to finally do things they say they want to do, but haven't done yet.

Next Steps

There is no sales page. No Buy Now button. And no one size fits all package.

My approach is customised to your specific needs and how you are best supported in the changes you're bringing about.

How do you do know that you want to work with me? You don't. Yet. And nothing I write here will give you the experience of what coaching with me is like.

How do I know I want to work with you? I don't. Yet. And I won't know until we've talked.

A successful coaching relationship is based on connection, trust, integrity and vulnerability. The only way we'll know if we're a great fit is by connecting in person or via Zoom and feel what's possible, no strings attached. Only when we both feel lit up and inspired and elated do start exploring what a partnership could look like.

So here’s my invitation to you:

With your permission, I will coach you in the same way I coach my private clients, fully committed to you having an extraordinary conversation and to serving you wholeheartedly. You get space to think, explore, and uncover powerful insights that are lurking right beneath the surface. Your heart and your mind will feel wide open.

These are deep, powerful sessions.

This will be a time for us to connect person to person in complete confidentiality.

Nervous? Good. Let's talk.