Here's what other people have said about me and our work together:

Loes's coaching sessions have had a terrific effect on me. In addition to creating new habits and ideas, the biggest change (that I think will stand the test of time) is the change in my mentality. Loes's ability to listen and actively ask the right questions has helped me accelerate my inner thinking and transform into a better and more conscious me. Thank you Loes for helping me achieve a way of being that would have taken me years to get without your help.

Héctor Anadón Cónsul | CEO of RapidAnd | Andorra

Early this year I had to make some big decisions in my career, and I was feeling very lost and stressed with the uncertainty of not knowing what came after. I started talking to Loes and very quickly gained immense insights on how to approach things differently. I learnt some things about myself that I now use daily. Results aren't immediate, but in my case they came extremely fast. I explored, I traveled, I allowed myself to do things differently, and in 4 months I redirected my career into starting an amazing new company, got into YCombinator and 3 months later closed a Seed Round. The ROI of my relationship with Loes has been infinite.

Daniel Carmona Serrat | Aerospace Engineer, Founder of Lumo (YC S22) | Andorra

I first met Loes in a climate change setting, and when we caught up a year later I soon realized she would have tremendous value to give in many of the areas I was insecure in or stumbling at. Starting a new adventure as a podcaster, I was trying to find my voice and confidence. I was also trying to figure out why I had a fear of speaking up in some settings, and on top of that I struggled to get a sustainable income stream going.

Being very involved in projects related to sustainability and climate change, I often find myself struggling to focus and probably in danger of burning out since everything is so important… In the long run, this is everything but sustainable, and Loes really helped me see that.

The first thing I worked on with Loes was getting clear on my strengths and it is just fantastic to look at those strengths today and see how aligned they are with what I will be spending my time working on going forward. In the last six months, I have launched my podcast and finished season 1, I have become much braver and more confident about what I stand for, and I'm embarking on a new and exciting journey as co-founder and CEO of the company of my dreams.

Going into a long coaching program was a leap for me, but looking back I almost don’t dare to think of where I would have been now if I hadn’t jumped. After each coaching session, I have discovered something new about myself or the world around me, and I am amazed about all the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. I now consider Loes as a dear friend and am certain we will be working more together in the future.

Veslemøy Klavenes-Berge | Co-founder and CEO Havnelykta AS, Founder of Stories for the Future podcast | Norway

Working with Loes is pretty amazing!

Loes is such a powerful listener, she cut through all of my bullshit and my whining and my reasons why in such a clear and pure and loving way where I felt very grounded, safe and clear on exactly what I wanted to do next.

Tracy Oswald | VP Business Enablement, coach | USA

Loes is my own personal coach at this time, and what can I say, she’s at the top of my list. She’s someone I admire and love deeply and who has helped me in some of my darkest and most confusing times. She has consistently shown up for me in a way that I haven’t had the experience anyone ever showing up for me. I deem myself highly privileged to have the chance to sit down with her regularly and discuss life and its ups and downs.

Leo Widrich | Co-founder of Buffer | Austria

Want to get clarity? Find your connection to the world and get focused? Loes spoke to me for maybe an hour and got me on a path to purpose, meaning and connection. I endorse her and may she free more people.

Michael Revy | CEO | USA

I first got in touch with Loes because I struggled with confidence, especially in a work context. I was a 30 year old woman who felt very lost — I was looking to move forward in my career, but wasn’t too sure where to start or what I could do.

The first big learning from my time with Loes is that there isn’t ‘work’ confidence and ‘home’ confidence. This journey was about building up confidence in myself, which would then be evident in any situation. We had many conversations that were hard to have, but that needed to be had. It probably sounds a little odd, but it almost felt like after each session I could feel myself grow!

Loes is one of the kindest people I have met (well, virtually!): warm, funny, empathic, yet knows what she is talking about and is so knowledgable. I look back on my time working with Loes so fondly, not only because we had a great time, but because I can see and feel the difference in myself. My personal and work life have really improved, not just internally, but managers and peers noticed a difference in me too. I still use the techniques I learnt.

Loes has a special way of being challenging yet supportive, I cannot recommend working with her enough. For anyone who is considering working with her, I would say go for it! Throw yourself into it and be open and honest. If you gain half as much as I did, you will not regret it. My time with Loes was invaluable to me — in some ways I didn’t quite realise how much I needed our sessions until looking back.

Kate Ross | Business and Programme Manager | UK
Loes’ coaching taught me how to develop crucial leadership skills through self knowledge. She helped me gain clarity on what my strengths are and how to leverage them, both at work and in my personal life. Her amazing ability to simply listen and truly understand my needs and wants, combined with centering and mindfulness practices I learned from her, created the perfect trusting environment to work on my vulnerability and my decision making processes, and get clearer on my challenges. Most importantly, Loes guided me in asking myself just the right questions to move forward. She brings to mind the famous quote: “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” - Lao Tzu
Gisela Andrade | Design thinker and communications specialist | Switzerland

Your way of being in the world and relating to other people creates stories in your life which are heartwarming and inspiring to others, because they show your deep humanity. These kind of things don't happen to most people. But they do happen to you, and that's special.

Robbie Swale | Coach | UK

Loes is a talented coach, a curious researcher, a very empathetic human being. Her commitment for her profession is reflected in the warmth she brings to the table any time she has a chance to. Loes is not only an attentive listener: she deeply values relations and human intelligence. For this reason she always makes herself available to share knowledge that will allow you to raise the most relevant questions for your own development. Also, Loes is truly dedicated to environmental change, and this makes her commitment to coaching for leaders even more admirable.

Clelia Calabrò | Founder of The Rebel Company | Switzerland

Now I know how your clients feel when they talk to you, and it’s very special. I am a coach, but rarely do I feel the way I felt during our conversation. I don't know what you did, but I was so calm, so peaceful. I could be me in our conversation.

Jaime Schettini | Coach | Brazil

A wonderful, bubbly, thoughtful soul; Loes is open and warm-hearted, and an excellent dispenser of advice. Her soul reflects the sunlight and she has warm hands to keep your confidences safe!

Dr. Rishita Nandagiri | Feminist researcher | UK

Loes is a fantastic coach who helped me through a very stressful time. She literally showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. Her guidance helped me to relax and to feel prepared for the challenges ahead.

Nic Kleemann | Operations Manager | USA

Thank you (again and always) for having awakened in me the courage to dream again. You have been a truly inspiring figure in my search for “authenticity and abundance”.

Niña Terol | Changemaker, Communicator and Connector | Philippines

I’d never participated in coaching or anything like it, so I had no idea what to expect going in. I kept the most open mind and heart about the whole thing. It really gave me a new perspective from which to consider how I approach things. It’s allowed me to live more in the now.

It’s so important for all of us to learn about ourselves and be on a journey of self-discovery. Coaching with Loes revealed a part of my life that I had long since boxed away as resolved and not having any further impact on me. It gave me a new perspective on my past, my present and one that I can take forward into the future.

Kerryn Hewson | Systems strategist and productivity mentor | UK

I speak from experience when I tell you that her sessions are AMAZING. Incredibly transformative. I still think about our work ALL the time. Loes, you are more than awesome.

Allegra Stein | Coach | USA

I feel different and things have shifted for me in a huge way! That horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach has gone, the gaping wound has healed over. I feel a stirring in my soul. Thank you so much for enabling me to find the way through. I know this is down to our work together as nothing else I had tried had worked to that point. I have moved forward from that place where I was stuck.

Heulwen Carthew | Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist | UK

Loes, you taught me a lot more than meets the eye. I first loved your accent and your voice – your happiness is very fresh and revitalizing to me. I think I had forgotten how to laugh!

Patricia Thorson | Small Business Owner | USA

Loes is a remarkable and compassionate coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your personal truth! Loes, the more I get to know you, the more in awe I am of you. You have my love and support, always and forever!

Denise Linn | Author | USA

Big hats off to Loes van Mierlo! I had a really amazing coaching session with her. She listened beautifully, guided gracefully and packed an amazing punch with her insight.

Judith Manriquez | Business Coach | USA

There is a wisdom about you that comes, I think, from a deep caring about humanity as a whole and humans as individuals.

Judy Thome | Optimum Edge | USA